Downtown Aquarium Houston TX

Things You Will Find Exciting At The Downtown Aquarium Houston TX

Houston’s downtown aquarium is a mixture of fun and wonderful moments that you will never want to forget about in a hurry.

Everything you will find at the aquarium center includes a wide variety of animals, as well as aquatic life, games, rides, and even a splash pad.

For those with plans to visit Houston, we will be giving you some tips on what your experience to the Houston Downtown Aquarium will be like so you will enjoy the moment when you finally get here.

Fun Things At The Aquarium

Some of the fun ways to enjoy the aquarium include:

  • Exploration of the Aquarium adventure exhibit

This aquarium has diverse exhibits, and each of them has their very own special look at the wildlife that lives both on land and off-land. Some of the things you will find at the aquarium exhibit include:

  1. You will discover the Louisiana swamp which consists of animals that you may find at the bayous of Louisiana or even in marshes. Some of them include; crocodiles, alligators, bullfrogs, catfish, and so many others
  2. You will find a huge Pacific octopus and some very colorful fishes.
  3. Visitors will find the rainforest exhibit which has creatures from both in and outside the water. Be ready to discover tree frogs, birds, and most amazingly, tree boa.
  4. For those who are aware of the Mayans and their civilization which has turned to ruins and this is what currently makes up the exhibit of the Sunken Temple. You will be sure to find a twenty-foot python, a pufferfish, etc.

Also, you will find the white tigers of the Maharaja temple. Bear in mind that the exhibition really looked like this ancient Maharaja temple.

  • Taking the train tour

Another fun way to view the aquarium with your family is by taking the train tour. You can get a ride through the tunnel of the shark’s tank. The train used here is known as the C.P Huntington train.

The train has open-air tops, and in a bid to view the aquarium, visitors will have to look up to see sharks swimming inside the gallon tank. As they move further in the train, it passes through a view that you only get to see at the universal studios on the tram tour.

What you will get to see is jaws coming out of the water next to the train. It is simply vital to be aware even though it is not dangerous. While the train is open to kids of all ages, the kids that are under forty-two inches will need an adult with them.

To Wrap It Up

Visiting the Houston Downtown Aquarium can be nothing but fun and excitement all through. You can also check out the diving bell Ferris wheel that is just close to the aquarium.

When you get to the top of the Ferris wheel, you will be able to view the Houston skyline. There is the splash pad as well that will give children the chance to cool off in the very hot Texas sun.

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Get on I-10 E from S Dairy Ashford Rd
13 min (4.6 mi)
Head west toward Westheimer Rd
131 ft
Turn right toward Westheimer Rd
62 ft
Turn right onto Westheimer Rd
0.3 mi
Turn left onto S Dairy Ashford Rd
3.3 mi
Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Interstate 10 Frontage Rd E
0.6 mi
Use the left lane to take the Interstate 10 E ramp


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