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Fun Things To Do When Visiting Houston TX Zoo

Visiting Houston for the first time? You will be marveled at the lovely places you can spend your whole trip visiting. However, one of the most amazing attractions you will come across is the zoo.

While you would have surely been to a zoo before and wondering what is really so special about this zoo, it would amaze you to know that the Houston Zoo holds roughly four thousand five hundred animals.

Yes, you read that right! All these animals occupy over fifty-five acres of land and yearly; almost two million people get to visit them. Little wonder it is among the most visited zoos in the nation.

Before embarking on your joy trip, have it in mind that the zoo is situated in the Museum district at Hermann Park. While it is always open, the only day no one has access to the zoo is on Christmas day.

What To Do At The Zoo?

Since you have found your way to the zoo or planning on going there for the weekend with the family, some of the fun things everyone can partake in includes:

  • Feeding the Giraffes

Most of the people who visit the Houston Zoo do not miss out on this exercise. Between the hours of 11 AM and 2 PM, visitors are given access to the giraffe feeding platform where they offer crisp lettuce as a tasty snack to the popular Masai giraffe family.

Still on that platform, people can view other animals like the zebras and ostriches because they share an enclosure with the giraffe family.

  • The Gorilla Visit

As at May 2015, the enclosure for gorillas was opened, and it is the new home to about seven Western lowland gorillas. Similar to all other animals available at the Houston Zoo, the gorillas also have two habitats.

One of the habitats is an outdoor habitat that actually feels and looks similar to an African forest, and the other habitat is a night house that has its private bedroom along with a climbing tree that is roughly 23ft tall.

  • The Naturally Wild Swap

When children from the ages of eighteen and below find items probably while walking in nature like shells, rocks, etc. and even pictures from nature journals, they can take them to a naturally wild swap shop at the zoo.

With this, they can be educated about the items they brought and even earn some points that they can exchange for anything they desire in the collection at the shop.

  • Water Play Park

During summer, visitors can enjoyably cool off when they visit the roughly thirteen thousand five hundred square foot water play Park known as Katherine McGovern play park at Houston zoo.

You will find thirty-seven diverse water features as well as a really tall fill and spill water tree. It is instantly activated when you step on any of the touch sensors.

To Wrap It Up

These are just a tip of the iceberg on the fun you can catch with your family while visiting Houston zoo. Not to forget precaution signs are hanging around on how to deal with the animals you will be sightseeing.


Get on Westpark Tollway E from Westheimer Rd and W Houston Center Blvd
9 min (2.8 mi)
Head west toward Westheimer Rd
131 ft
Turn right toward Westheimer Rd
62 ft
Turn right onto Westheimer Rd
1.0 mi
Turn right onto W Houston Center Blvd
1.4 mi
Turn left to merge onto Westpark Tollway E
Partial toll road

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