The Museum Of Fine Arts In Houston

Ways To Enjoy Your Visit To The Museum Of Fine Arts In Houston TX

The museum of fine arts will be a lovely tourist site for art lovers who do not mind walking amongst Egyptian status of old or even staring into the real iconic paintings of Picasso and Van Gogh, simply wondering why they made the painting.

Before we get into all the juicy details, you should know that the museum of fine arts, Houston also known as MFAH is the biggest museum in Houston and rated as the most high-profile art museum that hosts roughly sixty-three thousand works of art.

It is also the biggest in the country as it makes use of three hundred thousand square feet of outdoor and indoor gallery space. You will find that the artworks are all spectacularly air-conditioned as it helps to protect the artworks.

On its own, the museum has its very own wide collection that is displayed on a rotating basis, plus MFAH hosts diverse traveling exhibits where it frequently co-curates with some other big museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The art collections you will find at MFAH cuts across almost all the continents not to forget era. These are artifacts from ancient Greece, down to Rome and some other recent contemporary works from all over the globe.

Not to bore you with history, we will be highlighting ways you can enjoy the museum with your family, especially the ones who do not fancy art.

Fun Visit To The Museum

Some of the fun things you can engage in with your family at the museum include:

  • Take a walk through the light tunnel

This walk will be taken through the light inside James Turrell’s underground work of art. This is among the biggest highlight of all MFAH visit.

You and your family members will be more than fascinated with not only the near-total darkness but with the neon colors that keep changing. This is the tunnel that links the two museum buildings with one another.

  • End of the year universe exhibition

Exhibitions such as this one, though temporary, is the type you will enjoy attending with your family. There are so many creative works to be done, and the fun fact about it is that anyone can participate.

  • The Cullen sculpture garden

You do not need to stay indoors all through at MFAH, the garden known as the Cullen Sculpture Garden is it just free to enter, it also provides lots of shade, relaxation benches, large space to run around and like you can find in the name plenty sculptures to view.

There is even a fun game you all can play which entails looking at modern pieces and trying to guess their names. At the end of each guess, you can always check out the correct name.

To Wrap It Up

In MFAH, you will realize that the museum is actually a fun place to visit whenever you get the chance. Never miss out on visiting this museum whenever you get to Houston. To learn more about our city visit our homepage.


Get on Westpark Tollway E from Westheimer Rd and W Houston Center Blvd
9 min (2.8 mi)
Head west toward Westheimer Rd
131 ft
Turn right toward Westheimer Rd
62 ft
Turn right onto Westheimer Rd
1.0 mi
Turn right onto W Houston Center Blvd
1.4 mi
Turn left to merge onto Westpark Tollway E

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